Paint Removal


See one of Old Boston's latest projects -
the removal of paint from two imposing pocket doors in a Souht-End home!

As decorating trends changed at the turn of the twentieth century, the look of natural wood fell out of favor. The mystique of dimly lit Victorian interiors conceded to brightness, straight lines, and uncluttered spaces. It was then that the woodwork of Victorian homes received its first coat of paint. Layer upon layer, the build-up flattened details of carvings and surfaces on which the light was meant to cast appealing reflections.

Recent times have seen a revival of natural woods integrated in contemporary designs, especially when the old melds with the new. But fashions are not singlehandedly responsible: sometimes it is the desire to remove decades of careless paintjobs that prompts the removal of paint from doors and woodwork. Many decades of poor craftsmanship and neglect can take a toll on any architectural element, and doors and woodwork are the most vulnerable.

Old Boston's craftsmen specialize in the removal of paint from historical doors and woodwork to reveal the natural beauty of hardwoods, or to simply give them a fresh start. The difference can be extraordinary, and in it there is an overwhelming feeling of victory.


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