Old Boston

Old Boston is the felicitous union of two very different realities – our living in a Victorian brownstone townhouse that, while maintaining many of its original details, needed more than simple TLC to return to its structural and aesthetic integrity; and our collaboration and work in the home-renovation business for three decades, which gave us invaluable connections with craftsmen in different trades.

For nearly fifteen years, our home has been not only a source of inspiration, but also a living laboratory in which we learned about restoration and replication of historical woodwork, decorative glass, doors, crown moldings, and architectural elements. It is now our showroom.

We researched Boston's rich history and architecture to find appropriate materials, patterns, and designs. We honed our skills as our home went through a process of painstaking rehabilitation. The craftsmen we hired were experienced and trustworthy individuals who made each project a pleasure, and we asked them to join our team to make your restoration or renovation project equally successful and gratifying.

Once splendid neighborhoods, after World War II Boston's South End and Back Bay bent to social decline and inconsiderate urbanization. Many of the lavish homes that punctuated the streets of what is today the largest surviving Victorian neighborhood in the United States were ravaged by real-estate speculation and economic hardship. Beautiful single-family brownstones were turned into apartments, their historical details damaged, removed, or replaced.

During the past two decades, Boston has witnessed a renaissance. But while the city has returned to its vibrant self, many historical homes have remained scarred by decades of negligence. We at Old Boston strive to recreate and restore the beauty and refinement of their interiors.


Old Boston, Interior Architectural Restoration and Renovation