45 West Newton Street – Entryway

Rich, stylized foliage in a swirling pattern constitute the motif of this superb design, found in the home first owned by Henry L. Daggett, a prominent shoes and boots manufacturer, at 45 West Newton Street. The size and scope of the finishes at Mr. Daggett's home reflected the impressive dimensions of the building, erected in 1853. The remarkable virtuosity of its crown moldings was no exception. Indeed, this profile, found in the front entryway, is so generous and complex that it would figure beautifully in a medium-size parlor with eleven-foot ceilings.


Detail of the front page of the Ballou's Pictorial on September 1, 1855, featuring a lithograph of Blackstone Square
The home at 45 West Newton Street is seen in the center of the image.
(Old Boston, private collection)


Old Boston, Interior Architectural Restoration and Renovation